High heat & alkali-resistant type  


Solbic®-HC250 is a 2-components type of ceramic coating solution that 

can be used with simple mixing of each component without aging time. 

It shows high heat and excellent alkali resistance.




Simple and easy use

 - 2 components type. Use it  without aging time.

 - Excellent adhesion without surface sanding treatment of substrates

 - Excellent spray workability


Curing condition

 . 250for 15 minutes


In spite of thin film coating, it shows same ceramic performance.

Self cleaning by water repellency

High hardness     Max. 9H

Perfect transparency      Light transmittance : 99.9% (VS glass)

Operating temperature     Max. 600

Ultraviolet stability



Storage stability    1 year (After mixing : 2 days)

Applicable substrate    

        ​Metal ( STS, Aluminum, etc), glass





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