For cookware


Solbic®-NST300 is a 2-components type of ceramic coating solution 

requiring long aging time. 

It can be coated on cookware such as frying pan 

to provide non-toxicity, easy cleaning and excellent durability.



Coating solution for Frying pan

 - component​s type Use it after aging with rolling for 14 hours.

 - Surface sanding required

 - Excellent spray workability


Curing condition

 . 250for 30 minutes


Non-stick performance

High heat resistance     Max. 600℃

High hardness     9H

Ultraviolet stability

Non-toxic     Passed SGS test criteria by

                   ​ US FDA and German LFGB : 2013


Storage stability     6 months (After mixing : 2 days)

Applicable substrate     Metal ( Aluminum or Aluminum alloy and etc.)






Technical Information