Ambient & Low temperature curing type


Solbic®-SM25 is a 2-components type of ceramic coating solution that 

can be used with simple mixing of each component without aging time. 

It can be used for large area substrates or heat-sensitive material 

by ambient or low temperature curing method.



Simple and easy use

 - 2 component​s type , Use it after simple mixing 

 - Excellent adhesion without surface sanding treatment of substrates

 - Excellent spray workability


Curing condition

 - Ambient (25) for 48 hours

 - At 80~100for 10~20 minutes


In spite of thin film coating, it shows same ceramic performance.

Self cleaning by water repellency

High hardness     Max. 9H

Perfect transparency     Light transmittance : 99.9%

Operating temperature     Max. 200

Ultraviolet stability



Storage stability     1 year (After mixing : 8 hours)

Applicable substrate    

         ​Metal ( SUS, Aluminum, Galvanized steel and etc.), Glass








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