Sol-Gel Technology_영문

Nano ceramic coating solution




Nano ceramic coatings synthesized on the basis of the 

sol-gel technology

have high transparency, high hardness, 

high heat resistance, non-flammability, and pollution resistance. 

Also, Various advantages such as chemical resistance, non-toxicity

and UV stability can be realized.
Despite a thin coating film with several micrometers,

This sol-gel coatings shows the properties of ceramic performance.

Sol-Gel coating technology 

uses metal alkoxides and metal salts as precursors to induce 

hydrolysis and condensation reactions, 

and its sol is maintained the sol state for long time 

for the purpose of using as coating agent.
It is a unique and useful method to obtain inorganic material or 

ceramic coating film with various characteristics.

Based on the above technology,
Feelstone Inc. has developed and supplied various coating solutions

such as AL140, SM25, NST300, AGS, HC250, etc., that is easy to use

and can meet ceramic characteristics. 

We can develop and supply a new coating solution to you as your coating demands.